H.I.M. On 10 Coding Experts Sharing ICD-10 Insights

Coding Goes Global to Meet ICD-10 Demand: Three Key Takeaways

When hospitals ratcheted up their coding resources in 2014 for the implementation of ICD-10, they also began evaluating international coding options for back-up support. Some providers directly contracted with offshore coding teams. Others partnered with U.S. based coding companies with International presences to “test the waters” in India, Philippines, Israel,...
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First Round of End to End Testing for ICD-10 Reveals Two Key Points for HIM and Revenue Cycle

Over 2,500 healthcare organizations participated in the first of three rounds of end-to-end testing for ICD-10 during January 2015. Different from acknowledgement testing conducted last year, last month’s end-to-end testing performed by CMS is expected to yield important insights for hospitals to know and understand as the October 1, 2015...
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