H.I.M. On 10: Coding Experts Sharing ICD-10 Insights

Preparing for IPPS 2017 Changes

In a recent issue of ICD10 Monitor, I analyzed the proposed 2017 IPPS rule changes and identified key areas where coders need to pay close attention. This blog provides a quick overview of the coding areas most impacted by the proposed rule changes. For the full... read more

Coding Audits Evolve with ICD-10

In the June 2016 issue of the Journal of AHIMA, myself and four other industry experts defined new benchmarks and best practices for conducting ICD-10 coding audits. The move to ICD-10-CM/PCS adds a layer of audit complexity and requirements as hospitals and health... read more

ICD-10. A smooth transition?

ICD-10 is here. Your organization’s coder productivity and DFNB have remained stable. You’ve had a few technical glitches and maybe a few denials. The transition to ICD-10 must have gone smoothly, right? Not necessarily. How do you know whether your coding accuracy... read more

ICD-10 trouble spots emerge

In the How Well Do Your Coders Really Know ICD-10, ICD10 Monitor article from August 2015, I identified five best-practice steps to take during ICD-10 coding reviews and audits. As ICD-10 trouble spots emerge in November and December of 2015, coding managers should consider the following strategies to closely monitor coder knowledge, proficiency and performance.

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