Coding Services

We Can Assist You with our ICD-10 Coding Services.

H.I.M. ON CALL brings the most experienced, credentialed HIM professionals available to solve your coding support, backlog or completely outsourced coding needs. Heavy on service but light on budget, H.I.M. ON CALL is focused on   ICD-10 migration and is ready to provide solutions, new ideas, workflows, and processes. H.I.M. ON CALL guarantees the highest quality with timely results and dependability in everything we do.

  1. Remote coding and abstracting
  2. Facility and professional component coding
  3. Coding compliance reviews
  4. ICD-10 awareness and education

H.I.M. ON CALL does more than just help you code. H.I.M. ON CALL supplies the people, technology and services you need to make better ICD-10 coding decisions with complete access to DNFB analytics, coding performance data and a full-feature remote coding solution.


ICD-10 Transition: Coding Partner Checklist

Nearly half of hospitals expect to outsource coding work and one hospital in five is already using outside resources for this purpose. Make sure you ask outsourced coding companies these 6 questions.

Coding Services Brochure