Coder Assessments

Assessing coders’ accuracy is essential to ensuring accurate and optimal reimbursement.

To gain better insight into where opportunities for coder education and refinement may exist, H.I.M. ON CALL provides a unique web-based application with actual medical records in a simulated environment.

Each coder from your organization receives the exact same records to code, so there is no need to adjust the results to account for differences in the medical record complexity, which typically exist in a traditional coding audit.

Insight, Data and Benchmarking

H.I.M. ON CALL’s targeted assessments provide specific insight into coders’ strengths and weaknesses to evaluate new hires, monitor recently hired staff, or gauge knowledge and training effectiveness for established teams. We use a data-driven approach to eliminate peer-to-peer subjectivity and fully compare an individual coder or coding team to established national coding benchmarks for accuracy and productivity.

Coding managers and HIM directors save time and effort in managing coding teams since the Coding Assessment application is completely automated.

Assessment Component Features:

  • Assign the same cases to each client’s coders and coding resources
(within each patient type specialty) to code in H.I.M. ON CALL’s Coding Assessment application.
  • Automatically score codes against the predetermined coding answer data files in the application. Run an immediate detailed report card for each coder, identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses by ICD-10-CM chapter, ICD-10-PCS chapter and CPT chapter.
  • Prepare a Coder Assessment Report for each coder, including quality and productivity.
  • Provide a DRG accuracy rate, overall coding accuracy rate, principal diagnosis accuracy rate, CC/MCC accuracy rate, CPT accuracy, and financial impact for each coder assessed.
  • Highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses by coder and by record type. This provides a focal point for education and remediation.
  • Benchmark your teams’ accuracy and productivity ranking across hundreds of coders nationwide.

Traditional Coder Assessment

Coders code different cases of varying difficulty and medical services resulting in possibly skewed results

Difficult and time consuming to identify cases of a specific subject matter

Need to manually log, calculate and correlate accuracy data

Need to store and retrieve old assessments to see trending data

Coder Assessment With Central Learning

All coders code the same case for an “apples to apples” comparison

Easily search for cases containing certain Principle Dx, Secondary Dx, CPT Codes and E&M Levels – either by range of by specific codes; results are immediate

Readily available as soon as the coder finishes coding the case

Benefits of Choosing H.I.M. ON CALL

Full automation: saves time for coding managers and directors

Data driven approach: eliminates subjectivity and shows trends

Real cases: credibility, consistency and national benchmarks

Immediate feedback: system provides instant results and recommendations

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