Document Management

Paper is So 20th Century.

H.I.M. ON CALL refuses to let paper documents get in the way of EHR progress. AVIANCE Suite Document Management is a web-based system for imaging and digital archiving. Users access information such as medical records, EOBs and more via the Intranet. The result: more organized workflow, simultaneous record processing and reduced DNFB.

  1. Converts paper or hybrid records to electronic format
  2. Integrates scanned documents into the EHR
  3. Multiple users access simultaneously, and from remote locations
  4. No capital cost or additional IT staff required

Stop relying on paper documents and manual record processes. Electronic document management systems, like AVIANCE Suite Document Management, save time, reduce costs and make everyone more productive. We deliver real bottom-line value to you, your department and your organization.

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