First Round of End to End Testing for ICD-10 Reveals Two Key Points for HIM and Revenue Cycle

hoc-blog-picOver 2,500 healthcare organizations participated in the first of three rounds of end-to-end testing for ICD-10 during January 2015. Different from acknowledgement testing conducted last year, last month’s end-to-end testing performed by CMS is expected to yield important insights for hospitals to know and understand as the October 1, 2015 deadline approaches.

According to CMS, the results of January testing will be made public in late February 2015. At this point, two things are certain.

More healthcare provider organizations needed for end-to-end testing

The need for more testing participants became clear when CMS extended the deadline for healthcare providers to volunteer for the April 2015 round of end-to-end testing. At this point, volunteer organizations have been selected are should be receiving notifications from their MACs and Common Electronic Data Interchange (CEDI). A third round of testing will occur in July 2015.

Washington is wary of another failed technology implementation in healthcare following the well-publicized, botched rollout of Healthcare providers can do their part in making the ICD-10 transition a success by actively preparing and testing with CMS. Now is the time to get involved and get testing.

Test with real cases and dual coding

End-to-end testing is most effective and accurate when conducted using real cases that have been dual-coded in both ICD-9 and ICD-10. The use of real, dual-coded cases (versus generic equivalency mappings-GEMS) sheds light on important documentation gaps, coder knowledge deficiencies, system interface failings, and claims submission flaws. Furthermore, testing with real cases provides valuable feedback for CDI and coding teams. It identifies an organization’s specific vulnerabilities for revenue loss and claims denials under ICD-10.

Optimism High for Meeting October 2015 Deadline

My personal optimism level for ICD-10 is high. Six of the seven witnesses speaking during the February 11, 2015 U.S. House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Health hearing were ICD-10 proponents. Together they rallied together in support of meeting the October 1, 2015 implementation goals.

Time will tell, but based on a myriad of activity, progress and positive coverage, it appears that 2015 will be our year!!!!!