ICD-10 Academy

Your Training. Made Easier.

The message is clear. Know ICD-10 codes or lose reimbursement. H.I.M. ON CALL helps you mitigate the risk of revenue loss, labor cost spikes and cash flow congestion through comprehensive ICD-10 curriculum. High level introductory courses and assessments are coupled with an in-depth, 7-day intensive to quickly bring coders up to speed—and up to code!

  1. AHIMA certified curriculum
  2. In-depth anatomy and physiology coursework
  3. Seven day intensive and high level overviews
  4. Logical, easy to follow methodology

Experts predict a 50% drop in coder productivity. Health leaders anticipate a 46% drop in revenue. Avoid both by enrolling in ICD-10 Academy now. Cost-effective and completely affordable, coders get trained early and often, including regular updates and curriculum enhancements. And if you need backup support during training or post-conversion, we’ll be ready with our team of experienced, credentialed coding personnel.

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