It’s official. The CMS grace period for ICD-10 has ended. Healthcare IT News reports on the current situation and shares insights from industry experts. Below is an excerpt of the article. Click here to read the full story >> 

Hospitals gird for ICD-10 claims specificity as CMS grace period ends

Executives involved with the code switch said the first year went smoothly. But they are now expecting a new level of difficulty in the next 18-24 months while coders must be more precise for CMS and private insurers to accept and pay claims.

The first year of ICD-10 came and went without many complaints. The anxiously anticipated coder productivity issues were not as troublesome as many people expected, while claims denials and revenue disruptions were relatively minimal.

But October 1, 2016 marked another new era in the classification system: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services year-long grace period, in which it accepted claims as long as they were submitted in the right ICD-10 family, came to a close and now CMS is demanding greater specificity — as are commercial insurers.

“Even with our own people we had to go through multiple passes. It’s not like the old days of ICD-9, now with so many codes and conditions, you have to go through multiple passes.” –Manny Pena, a former senior director of the health information management department for New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center.

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