I was recently interviewed by Healthcare Finance News about a topic that’s growing in popularity: ICD-10 specificity.

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A year after the much-hyped switch to the ICD-10 diagnostic coding library, healthcare providers now face pressures to assign codes with the right degree of specificity or risk claim denials.

While the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ended its grace period for unspecified codes on Medicare fee-for-service claims on Oct. 1, commercial insurers are also insisting on greater specificity. All of this comes as more than 5,000 new codes are being added to the existing code set and others are set to be deleted or revised.

“The surprise was it went smoother than we anticipated,” said Carol Paret, who led the ICD-10 transition at Memorial Hermann in Texas. “At the six- to-eight-week mark, we wondered, when is the shoe going to drop?”

But experts worry that many of the ICD-10 fears that were calmed through these various grace periods could have pushed back negative effects.

Manny Pena, CEO and founder of H.I.M. ON CALL, said he also sees that if providers are getting paid, they don’t want to know information beyond that, at least right now. Read more >>