Immediate Coding Assistance

Immediate Coding Assistance


On behalf of H.I.M. ON CALL, our deepest concerns and sympathies go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. Many of you may have experienced flooding, power loss, failed generators or even patient evacuations. Our prayers go out to all of you in these difficult and challenging times.  


We understand.


Our remote coding staff and IT infrastructure now covers a wider geographic area, resulting in uninterrupted service during disasters. This allowed us to continue serving our Northeast remote coding customers last week-even amidst the worst of Sandy's fury.

H.I.M. ON CALL's remote coding seeks to ease your burden during these difficult times.
Give us a call, we're here for you.

Ways H.I.M. ON CALL could help you during these difficult times.  Act NOW.

We have many options geared towards the remote delivery of service.  With our remote services we have the ability and advantage to utilize coders and other resources throughout the U.S.  Our options that are IMMEDIATELY available include the following –

Remote Coding Solution for Paper-Based or Hybrid Records

We provide easy-to-use:
1. Scanner or scanners (hardware)
2. Scanning software
3. Secured file transfer protocol software
4. Hosting of scanned documents in our secured servers
5. Assignment of cases to resources throughout the U.S.
6. Use of our encoder; no need to access client's encoder
7. Electronic coding file to upload into client billing system
8. .PDF coding summary form listing codes and abstract items

Overall Benefits of Our Remote Coding Solution

1. Guaranteed 48 hour turn-around-time
2. Built-in quality assurance (QA) of percentage of all cases
3. Access to resources throughout the U.S.; not having to rely on limited local resources
4. Cost savings by eliminating travel expenses
5. Value-based assessment and statistical reports
6. Web-based access to your medical records
7. Integration of management of unbilled reports
8. No access to client's environment needed
9. No capital expenditures
10. No assistance from client's IT department needed

Other Remote Coding Solution (accessing client's environment)

Our coders:
1. Remotely access client's EMR
2. Utilize the client's encoder
No additional benefits that are listed above.

For immediate HELP please contact us on our dedicated help line for coding assistance:
855-HELP-HOC (855-435-7462)

E-Mail us at for help in coding.