CMS completed its second round of ICD-10 end-to-end testing April 27-May 1, and the results are in. The good news is that more than 88% of the 23,138 ICD-10 test claims passed with flying colors. Only 2% of rejections occurred as a result of ICD-10 coding errors. In fact, CMS cited various non-ICD-10-related errors as being the culprit of most testing denials.

These errors include incorrect NPI, Health Insurance Claim Number, or Submitter ID; dates of service outside the range valid for testing; invalid HCPCS codes; and invalid place of service.

This second round of testing comes in the wake of an almost equally successful first round held January 26-February 3, 2015 during which 81% of claims passed through CMS’ billing systems. I summarized two learning points for HIM and revenue cycle in my earlier blog on first round testing.

HIM input invaluable in testing efforts

Successful ICD-10 testing would not be possible without HIM’s expertise and input behind the scenes. HIM professionals provide the manually ICD-10-coded claims that make testing possible. They also help identify the types of cases most critical to an organization—those that would leave the organization financially vulnerable if not vetted thoroughly.

Two ways to continue momentum

CMS’ end-to-end testing provides valuable insight into potential denials and productivity bottlenecks. The final round will take place July 20-24, 2015. The agency plans to review applications for its last round of testing and select participants by June 12. Here are two ways to continue testing momentum and remain fully engaged in your organization’s ICD-10 journey.

  • If your organization participated in the past, consider testing again to verify remediation of any errors identified with your systems, clearinghouse, documentation, coding, or billing claims process during the first round.
  • If your organization hasn’t yet participated, now is the time to do so. HIM can lead the charge and rally support for this important opportunity!
    Lend a helping hand to physicians

Finally, another survey was conducted by NueMD, a popular physician software company and results were released. In this survey, four specific areas of physician business concern were identified. This chart highlights areas where HIM professionals can help support their organization’s owned, managed and affiliated physicians over the next four months.


Training and education by specialty is a key area for HIM support in the days ahead. Certainly this summer is an important time for all HIM experts to “lean in” to ICD-10!