Coding Audits and Assessments

Keep coding correct and revenue safe

In healthcare, the most practical steps bear the best results.

Coder performance impacts every bottom line. From accuracy to productivity, coding drives your DRGs, your reimbursement and your cash flow. But how do you know if your coding team measures up?

H.I.M. ON CALL delivers a new approach to improve coding quality. We assess coder knowledge, audit coding outcomes, and take action to produce better financial results for hospitals, health systems and value-based care organizations.

Our A3strategy keeps your coding correct and revenue safe.

Three Practical Steps to Drive Stronger Revenue Results

Assess Coders

Use a reliable, objective tool to measure your coder's corrective knowledge and performance

Audit Coding

Conduct regular audits of coding outcomes to identify high-risk areas

Act On Results

Analyze assessment and audit data for action

H.I.M. ON CALL sheds light on coder performance transparency to bring more control over your coding and revenue cycle processes. The way we bring everything together—assessments, audits and action—is what sets us apart.


Our A3 strategy is the healthcare industry’s most logical and practical way to ensure correct, compliant clinical coding to:

  • Guarantee the best possible coding performance
  • Obtain the highest DRG assignment
  • Avoid fraudulent billing and claims denials
  • Ensure acuity is correctly reflected in case mix
  • Make solid forecasting decisions based on quality coding data
  • Achieve new, unbudgeted revenue for your organization

More coding audits are being performed in ICD-10 versus ICD-9. We recommend hospitals gather as much information as possible, conduct educational sessions and consistently communicate their audit findings.

Cassie Milligan

RHIT, CCS, Manager, Coding Quality Improvement, H.I.M. ON CALL

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