Dual Coding

Prepare for ICD-10 with Dual Coding.
Support your ramp-up for ICD-10 with H.I.M. ON CALL’s dual coding. With this service, you open the door for end-to-end payer testing, locate specific documentation weaknesses and identify target areas for revenue loss under ICD-10.

Some of the features of our dual coding service include:

  1. Perform dual coding (ICD-9 and ICD-10) before the October 2015 transition.
  2. Support end-to-end testing initiatives by providing ICD-10 coded cases.
  3. Provide monthly summary, data and analytics of CDI issues (ICD-9 and ICD-10).

Accurate, complete and specific clinical documentation is the foundation for correct reimbursement, quality reporting and continuing care. With the H.I.M ON CALL dual coding service, you are provided with a summary of documentation findings by ICD-10-CM/PCS chapter, patient type, medical service and physician.

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