ICD-10 created a new starting point for coder quality, accuracy and performance.
Even the slightest gap in coder knowledge causes denied claims, delayed payments and lost revenue in ICD-10. Unless hospitals take a proactive approach to ICD-10 coder assessments, they won’t address these challenges until it’s too late.

Central Learning is a web-based coder testing and assessment tool for ICD-10

Based on coding from real medical records, and consistent Answer Keys, managers gain access to instant scoring and assessment data. Central Learning automatically identifies coding strengths and weaknesses—intelligence to help hospitals mitigate their ICD-10 revenue risk.

Central Learning Benefits

Immediately identifies coder skill gaps and revenue risks in ICD-10

Automatically assess coders in a true medical coding environment utilizing real cases

Increase coding manager and trainer productivity up to 80%

Assign different or the same cases to multiple coders